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I'm Sheryl Shields and I'm excited to help teachers & their bosses infuse passion in their personal & professional lives.

Love Your Job

Learn how to extinguish the fire and manage stress. This is the first class in the Happe Teachers Club Series

Enjoy Work!

Change Careers

In the Second Class you' II reignite your passion and explore your unique gifts and talents.

Pursue your passion!

Create A Happier Life

This third class helps you set gutsy goals and take tiny consistent actions to create a career and a life that empowers your passion.

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Lead Confidently

Teaching school administrators how to be more confident, insightful and decisive in every area of their life.

Lead Confidently!


  • • To ensure every school has passionate administrators.
  • • To ensure every child has a passionate teacher.
  • • To inspire administrators and teachers to continuously love their job.
  • • To help burned out administrators and teachers rekindle their love of working in an educational environment or tap into their Original Medicine and do work they’re passionate about.
  • • To encourage universities to train passionate and caring administrators and teachers.
  • • To urge school districts to pay a competitive salary and provide professional development that follows the BE HAPPE process which honors the Whole Teacher.
  • • To partner with corporations and philanthropists who financially support teachers and schools that actively demonstrate passion and positivity in their classrooms and community.


B = Be Aware of the signs and symptoms of burnout

E = Eliminate Emotional Baggage

H = Healthy mind and body practices

A = Avoid unnecessary stress

P = Permission to follow your passion

P = Plan for another career

E = Enjoy every aspect of your life

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